Former Vice President and Democratic presumptive for 2020 election Joe Biden announced he intends to transform America—if he gets elected.
Speaking after an emotionally charged July 4 speech at Mt. Rushmore from President Trump, and after weeks of violent protests fuelled by the left, Biden is attempting to take advantage of the widening gap between Republicans and Democrats.

In a tweet on Sunday, July 6 that was liked by 140,000 0f his followers by Monday, Biden penned that his administration: “won’t just rebuild this nation—we’ll transform it,”
Exactly what Biden has in mind for transforming the country is not clear though.


Critics of the “touchy-feely” candidate from the left complain he had done nothing to help with change for the past 40 years when he was in a position to do so. Meanwhile, those from the right are fearful a President Biden would be controlled by the Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez section of the Democrats. The candidate he puts forward as his running mate will give a good indication which direction his administration would go, reports Fox News.

One response to Biden’s tweet came from Daily Caller reporter Scott Morefield, who said Biden’s idea of transforming the country would be to turn it “into a socialist hellscape.”
Biden’s campaign has plans to give Americans that have been affected by the CCP Virus, a decisive economic response that starts with emergency paid leave.”

With just four months until election day, Biden is leading the president in major polls, although the Trump administration is playing down any significance.
An informal adviser to the Trump campaign Karl Rove noted that “these things happen in campaigns.”
His advice is for the president to hit the “reset” button.
“When you are in the barrel. When you’re getting a lot of bad press, and the polls are going against you, you need to do something that says, ‘We’re moving in a different direction.’ That’s what I mean by a reset,” he said.

“But, it doesn’t mean a staff shake-up. You know, the replacement of one person as a chief operating officer of the campaign with another one is not going to change anybody’s opinion,” the Fox News contributor continued. “So, you have got to do something that’s big and grabs the attention of the American people and says, ‘This is either a big new policy or a change in tone or direction.’ And, that’s a mechanical thing.”

“You can’t simply say, ‘Well, we’ve got bad polls, and we’re getting bad press.’ You’ve got to say, ‘OK, we’ve got to do something different,'” he added, reports Fox News.
“The last three presidents who won re-election used their acceptance speeches to convince voters they had something new to offer,” he wrote.

“No president gets re-elected by saying, ‘I’ve done a good job,'” he told Vittert. “You have to be in a place where you say, ‘I’ve done a good job, and I’ve got more things that I want to do and those are things that you like.’”
The president needs to be clear on what he intends to do, what he has achieved, and contrast his ideas with those of Biden, focusing on the swing voters, as those will decide the election, says Rowe.

“He has to have a bold agenda that he lays out for a second term and that he can contrast with Joe Biden. And, he ought to hold off on a lot of the new stuff that he wants to talk about until the convention. Because more people are going to be paying attention at that time than at any other time except the debates,” he said. “But, he does need to begin to contrast with Joe Biden now on big issues.”

“I think what people want to hear at that moment is an optimistic view of what can be done,” Rove concluded. “What are the challenges we, as a country, [are] facing, and how are you going to overcome them?”

President Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr, referring to recent protests in Seattle, said on Twitter, “Biden wants to ‘transform’ America to CHOP,” and added, “Open your eyes people. The radical left runs the party, and they couldn’t be more clear with their intentions.”