The late Sen. John McCain’s son was selected by President Biden to lead a federal service institute on Feb. 7.

Joe Biden’s administration wants the son of late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) to join the board of visitors at the U.S. Naval Academy, about 32 miles east of Washington.

The White House applauded Lt. Cmdr. John McCain IV’s service to the Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 85.

“He has deployed five times in the Pacific, Persian Gulf, and Afghanistan where–as an Afghan hand–he flew alongside Afghan pilots in the Blackhawk, throughout Kandahar and Helmand,” a representative said in a statement.

“Prior to that he was a leadership instructor at the Naval Academy, and a search and rescue pilot in Guam, [and] he is currently working as American Airlines’s director for state and local government affairs for the Western United States,” the representative added.

He is one of six new appointees responsible for inquiring into the state of “morale and discipline,” curriculum, instruction, physical equipment, fiscal affairs, and more at the academy, according to The Hill.

McCain is very pleased and proud to serve on the academy’s board of visitors.

“I am incredibly honored and, suffice to say, deeply humbled,” he said on Twitter. “I am grateful beyond measure for the opportunity, and look forward to working to continue the proud tradition of developing midshipmen.”

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