President Joe Biden put an end to the Donald Trump administration’s so-called Operation Talon program aimed at prosecuting and deporting sex offenders illegally harbored in the United States.

Biden, who vowed under his administration to get rid of former President Trump’s policies, received a warning call from a coalition of 19 state attorneys general led by South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson to reverse the decision, according to National File.

In a letter to the president, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and ICE Acting Director Tae Johnson, Wilson said, “We’re working hard to fight human trafficking and sex crimes in South Carolina and allowing convicted sex offenders who are here illegally to remain in our country makes absolutely no sense.”

“These trafficking and sex crimes are repugnant to human decency generally and to children specifically,” Wilson added in the missive.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody recalled that the federal government was charged with assisting state and local law enforcement in apprehending individuals who preyed on communities.

Moody, who was one of the signatories, was concerned with Biden’s decision to cancel an operation that focuses on apprehending sex offenders in the United States, and she has focused her efforts on ending child sex trafficking, and as a mother, was truly repuditory.

Wilson and Moody signed the letter along with state attorneys general from Arkansas, Indiana, Alabama, Alabama, Georgia, Kansas. Missouri, Kentucky, Louisiana, Louisiana, Montana, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, Texas, and West Virginia. 

For the state attorneys general, there is “grave concern” that the Biden administration is encouraging sex crimes as well as pedophilia particularly after making such a determination to end the program.

According to the letter, the “ill-advised decision threatens to empower sexual predators to victimize women and children in America” and will “exacerbate the tragic crises of sexual assault and sex trafficking among migrant and immigrant communities.”

In the letter, they stated that among the illegal alien population on U.S. soil are offenders with prior convictions for sex crimes.

Data provided by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University, indicated that between October 2014 and May 2018, ICE arrested “19,572 illegal aliens with criminal convictions for whom the most serious prior conviction was a conviction for a sex-related offense.”

The missive goes on to state, “The cancellation of [Operation Talon] effectively broadcasts to the world that the United States is now a sanctuary jurisdiction for sexual predators.”

“This message creates a perverse incentive for foreign sexual predators to seek to enter the United States illegally and assault more victims, both in the process of unlawful migration and after they arrive. It will also broadcast the message to other criminal aliens who have committed other offenses that any kind of robust enforcement against them is unlikely,” it added.

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