President Joe Biden diverted more than $2 billion earmarked for Americans’ health care to care for illegal immigrants, which ends up encouraging many more of them to continue entering the country.

“We’re complicit as a nation in human trafficking,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said last month in Texas, Breitbart cited May 16. 

Graham was alluding to Biden’s open borders policy, which now includes taxpayer-paid care for illegal immigrants, promotes the activity of coyotes (human smugglers) and cartels that receive money to allow travelers across the southern border.

However, the $2.13 billion subtracted from health care programs amounts to less than a quarter of the budgeted expenditures to fund programs for the undocumented.

In this regard, the Department of Health and Human Services [HHS] estimates that the program would have spent almost $9 billion for this concept when the fiscal year ends in October. 

“The Department of Health and Human Services [HHS] has diverted more than $2 billion meant for other health initiatives toward covering the cost of caring for unaccompanied immigrant children,” The Hill reported May 15. 

Author Neil Munro notes that the detour of these multi-billion dollar funds and the encouragement of illegal immigration promoted in this way would diminish the quality of life for American children and their more impoverished parents. 

“The transfer of funding to the growing population of more than 50,000 foreign children and youths means fewer resources for lower-profile American kids,” Munro notes

He goes on to explain, “as their diverse American parents are damaged by the Chinese Virus, cheap labor migration, job losses, housing costs, drugs, or homelessness.”

The official who further pushes the allocation of money for illegal immigrants is U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.

Mayorkas, also a refugee as a child, maintains that the United States is a “nation of immigrants,” not Americans, and demands their entry without considering the economic and social costs involved.   

Since the beginning of Biden’s term, the waves of undocumented immigrants have aggravated the border crisis, and large numbers of people with children keep flowing in. In contrast, border guards become a rescue team for many of them.

In this context, Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin provides a video he took as he witnessed the line of foreigners backing up the Rio Grande to enter the United States. 

“NEW: A group of migrants just crossed the Rio Grande and came into the United States in front of us for the 5th day in a row,” he relates in one of his tweets. 

He adds, “They have very young children with them. They crossed when Mexican Marines weren’t in the area.”

Border Patrol agents in the river sector had 68,570 “encounters” with migrants from October through March, more than four times the number seen a year ago.

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