In an interview with CNN on Thursday, July 8, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, responding to Republican criticism of President Joe Biden’s statements about going door-to-door looking for those who have not been vaccinated, said that ‘it is absolutely the government’s business’ to know who is and who is not vaccinated.

“The federal government has spent trillions of dollars to try and keep Americans alive during this pandemic. So it is absolutely the government’s business, it is taxpayers’ business, if we have to continue to spend money to try and keep people from contracting COVID,” the secretary stated.

“And so it is our business to try to make sure Americans can prosper; Americans can freely associate,” he added.

Joe Biden said at a press conference Tuesday, July 6, that in his efforts to achieve the goal of vaccinating 70% of the population, he would send people knocking “door to door” looking for Americans who have not been vaccinated to convince them to get vaccination protection against the virus.

“Now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood and often times door-to-door literally knocking on doors, to get help to the remaining people [un]protected from the virus,” Biden said.

Republican lawmakers immediately reacted by objecting to the move as overbearing on the grounds that the decision to vaccinate should reside with the individual and not the government.

When the reporter asked about the possibility of the government designing a ‘vaccine passport’ model to verify that people, for example, attending an event could prove they were vaccinated, the secretary responded that it is an idea that has been talked about but that for the moment each state, each county, decides how to handle itself in this regard.

“We want to give people the sense that they have the freedom to choose. But we hope they choose to live,” Becerra said. “We hope people make the right choices. We want them to have the right information, but we are America. We try to give people as much freedom and choice as possible, but clearly when over 600,000 Americans have died, the best choice is to get vaccinated.”

When the CNN anchor asked the secretary if it is true that most of the people who are dying now from the CCP Virus are people who have not been vaccinated, Becerra said that was the data they are dealing with and the reason the Biden administration is targeting those communities.

“Today about 99% of the people who are getting Covid and dying are those who did not get vaccinated,” Becerra said.

According to The Hill, Arizona’s attorney general sent a letter to the White House questioning the legality of President Biden’s door-to-door search for Americans who did not vaccinate.

“Americans trust medical researchers and their family doctors to provide information and recommendations to make personal decisions but they do not trust government intrusion or the politicization of the health care process,” Brnovich said in his letter.

“I, along with many Arizonans, was greatly alarmed by your White House indicating that it might be in possession of medical records revealing the contact information for Americans who have not been vaccinated … If this is the case, this is a severe breach of privacy, and I will not tolerate such intrusions within Arizona”, the lawyer wrote.

But Becerra ruled out that there is anything illegal about the president’s decision.

“Knocking on a door has never been against the law. You don’t have to answer, but we hope you do. Because if you haven’t been vaccinated, we can help dispel some of those rumors you’ve heard and hopefully get you vaccinated,” assured the Biden official.

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