President Joe Biden on Friday released his $6 trillion fiscal year 2022 budget, which eliminates the longstanding Hyde Amendment forcing U.S. taxpayers to fund the killing of babies across the country.

Biden, as a presidential candidate, promised the most radical pro-abortion groups in the United States that he would eliminate the Hyde Amendment, and yesterday he made good on his promise when presenting next year’s budget by eliminating the amendment that has accompanied every budget since 1970, which prohibits access to federal funds for abortion funding.

Pro-life groups were quick to criticize the bill and the Biden administration, which they hold responsible for a future historic slaughter at the hands of the U.S. government. 

The director of the pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List, Marjorie Dannenfelser, condemned Biden and,, in dialogue with the news portal Life News said: 

“For more than four decades, the Hyde family of pro-life policies has kept American taxpayers out of the abortion business, with the Hyde Amendment itself saving nearly 2.5 million lives. The Biden budget throws that longstanding, bipartisan consensus out the window to fulfill a campaign promise to the radical abortion lobby.”

As Dannenfelser argued, most Americans continue to oppose taxpayer-funded abortion, even a large portion of those not against abortion practices.

In January, a poll released by Breitbart backs up Dannenfelser’s sayings, stating that 58 percent of respondents oppose taxpayer funding for abortion, including 31 percent of Democrats, 83 percent of Republicans, and 65 percent of independents.

The budget still must be passed in the U.S. Congress. At the same time, there is little hope that it will be vetoed, considering the Democratic majority, Dannenfelser urges pro-life allies in Congress “to be courageous in the fight to preserve the common Hyde principle and reject any budget that omits vital pro-life protections.”

The abortion industry and its allies welcomed the prospect of U.S. taxpayers paying for abortions, knowing that their business could grow exponentially with the government funding the abortions of millions of children.

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-California, proclaimed on Twitter, “GREAT news,” when it emerged that the White House did not include the Hyde Amendment in its budget:

She added: “@POTUS has become the first president in decades to remove the Hyde Amendment from the budget, helping advance our fight to end this racist & discriminatory policy once and for all.”  

“It’s exciting to see this administration’s historic step!” said Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion company. 

Opponents of the measure are also making themselves heard on social media. The group Susan B. Anthony List, posted several tweets on the matter with concrete information such as:

“The Hyde Amendment has saved 2.5 million unborn children from abortion since 1976. But Biden’s budget makes it clear that he believes those lives don’t count,” and then leaves the link to the Charlotte Lozier Institute’s research, which proves the reported data.

Republican Senator Steve Daines also weighed in from his Twitter account criticizing the new budget for wasteful federal funding, which will “tie up future generations with trillions of dollars in debt to advance his liberal agenda,” including billions of taxpayer dollars earmarked to fund the work of abortion companies like Planned Parenthood.

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