In the momentous presidential election, there are signs of who will occupy the White House for the next four years, and now even the odds are that President Donald Trump will be re-elected.

So believes a mysterious UK banker who bet $5 million on President Trump’s re-election, considered the highest ever, according to The Sun on Nov. 2.   

The report noted that this is not just a hunch, it seems that the successful businessman investigated directly at the source, with “the inmates of Camp Trump,” and on this basis made his decision. 

Given the conditions of the bet, it could generate a payment of up to $15 million.

Another indicator that can be taken from the field of gambling is that the sums at risk in this election are double those of 2016. It is estimated that they could reach up to $1.3 billion worldwide.  

The electoral landscape changed dramatically in Trump’s favor, to the extent that an analysis of the latest polls predicts that he will win 300 electoral votes, Townhall published on Nov. 2. 

Thus, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said that the left will be “terribly shocked.”

Although some polls point to Joe Biden ahead, they have garnered much criticism. 

 “The polls this cycle have been atrocious with suburban Republican voters, with college-educated voters, and with Democrats being over-sampled to the nth degree. Trump Democrats and rural voters have been ignored,” warns author Matt Vespa in Townhall.

Still, the following data shows that President Trump does have positive support in the polls, although the press suggests otherwise. 

According to pollster Trafalgar, President Trump leads Biden today, Nov. 3 in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, and North Carolina, while in Michigan they are tied at 48 percent each, and these results define the winner, if reflected correctly at the polls. 

Kayleigh McEnany, President Trump’s press secretary, referred to the message of violence that the left is sending to Americans: If Trump wins the election there will be consequences.

“We deserve the great American tradition of democracy, of peaceful elections, of accepting the vote of the American people, but the boarded-up windows, the closed stores tell you everything you need to know about the modern American left. Violence is unacceptable and you don’t deserve federal power,” McEnany said.

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