A new and no less serious claim was unloaded on Alec Baldwin by ‘Rust’ script supervisor Mamie Mitchell, who expressed that Baldwin .disregarded set protocol, causing the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

“Alec Baldwin intentionally, without just cause or excuse, cocked and fired and loaded gun even though the upcoming scene to be filmed did not call for the cocking and firing of a firearm,” Mitchell argues in her lawsuit, according to the Nov. 17 New York Post. 

Mitchell, who witnessed the tragic scene, also saw her director, Joel Souza, fall wounded during the events that occurred on Oct. 21.

“I was stunned. I heard someone moaning and I turned around and my director was falling backwards and holding his upper body and I turned around toward Alec and saw Halyna going down to the left of me,” Mitchell recounted.

Her gaze had also locked on Baldwin, of whom she said, “I saw Alec going through his movement with the gun for the camera,” while confirming that his outfit matched what was agreed upon in the script by comparing it to the photos on her iPhone.

Mitchell then called the emergency number to report the terrible event, in which established safety protocols were not followed, according to her testimony.

“The actions that were taken were against all industry norms,” she claimed, noting that shooting a person was a violation of the rules, which should be well known to Baldwin. 

In her lawsuit, Mitchell also accuses Rust’s on-set armorer, Hanna Gutierrez-Reed, who provided Baldwin with the fatal firearm.

The case was brought by attorney Gloria Allred, who commented on other facts related to the unsafe handling of firearms on the film set, which evidenced the dangerous conditions under which the film was shot.

Allred noted that Hutchins’ death and Souza’s injury were not due to “simple negligence,” because Baldwin, the producers, and others were “reckless.” 

The court case filed by Mitchell did not specify the amount of money claimed for loss of future earnings, special and general damages, attorneys’ fees, and punitive damages.

On the other hand, more and more lawsuits are falling on Baldwin and the directors of the low-budget film they were trying to make, and both plaintiffs and other experts agree that Baldwin failed to personally check the gun. 

In this regard, American film actor and producer, George Clooney, stated that it was, “A series of tragedies, but also, a lot of stupid mistakes,” in an interview with author and podcaster Marc Maron, in which he also explained what it was that he did with the guns. 

“Every single time I’m handed a gun on the set … I open it, I show it to the person I’m pointing it to, I show it to the crew. Every single take, you hand it back to the armorer when you’re done and you do it again,” he said, clarifying that he didn’t know Alec Baldwin, who is one of the film’s six principals. 

He added, “Why, for the life of me, this low budget film with producers who haven’t produced anything wouldn’t have hired, for the armorer, someone with experience?”

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