Kentucky State Police are hunting for an inmate who escaped from a local hospital after the terrible tornado disaster.

Francisco Starks, 44, worked as a member of a work-release program at MCP Candle Factory in Mayfield. He was injured in the tornado and sent to Jackson Purchase Medical Center. After being treated, he was released after promising to return to complete the release program; nevertheless, he walked away and has not been seen since, according to Kentucky authorities.

Starks had been arrested and put into the Graves County Jail on burglary and illegal carjacking charges.

George Workman, a Graves County, Kentucky administrator, told CNN that seven inmates worked at the candle business when the tornado destroyed it. One of the policemen inside was killed.

A spokesman for the candle firm claimed eight people had died, eight more were missing, and 90 people had been found.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear provided an update on Sunday, stating that the death toll could be close to 50, despite earlier fears of 100 deaths.

In addition, on Saturday, President Biden signed a proclamation declaring a state of emergency in Kentucky to expedite government aid to the state in the wake of storms and tornadoes.

The catastrophic tornado outbreak struck five states, including Illinois, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri, where fatalities have been reported, as it did in Kentucky, NY Post reported.

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