An Australian journalist has gained attention for questioning Vice President Joe Biden and his foreign policy strategy.

Speaking in a monologue on Anzac Day—Australia’s version of Veterans Day—Sky News Australian host James Morrow said Biden is “making a mockery” of America and its allies, the Blaze reported.

“Today is Anzac Day, when we commemorate all those who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our freedoms and fighting very often side by side with soldiers from the United States,” Morrow began.

“Which is why today, it is so depressing to look at what is happening to the U.S. under Joe Biden, who seems, for whatever reason, determined to weaken America’s standing, her military, and emboldening her and our enemies, making a mockery of a century’s worth of shared sacrifice,” he continued.

Morrow then criticized Biden for his “green eco warrior posturing,” referencing that Biden was the only individual in a virtual meeting with world leaders who wore a face mask, which he predicted will only embolden America’s adversaries.

“The Biden administration’s push to ‘go green’ and force its friends and allies like Australia to do the same, even as China is allowed to keep emitting and growing willy-nilly, is also going to weaken America’s ability to project power around the world,” he said.

“And that’s bad news for all of us,” he stressed.

Morrow then explained how the Democratic president is making the world’s most powerful military seem weaker than it is, the Western Journal added.

“Now, as enemies circle, Biden is also proposing making cuts in real terms to America’s national defense budget, and yet the biggest so-called improvements to the U.S. military under Biden have involved, yes, making sure that the Special Operations Command has a chief of diversity, though even that blew up like a Wile E. Coyote booby trap when it was revealed that the new inclusion czar spent his spare time comparing [Former President Donald] Trump to Hitler on Twitter,” he said.

Such projecting weakness behaviors, according to Morrow, will eventually lead to China and Russia exploiting those vulnerabilities.

“I gotta say, [Russian President] Putin and [Chinese Communist Party leader] Xi must be quaking in their boots… or more likely laughing,” Morrow said.

“Because, ever since Biden took office, both men have been seeking to cause instability and probe Biden and his weaknesses, which go a lot further than just being unable to string together a coherent sentence.“

“China is looking increasingly muscular when it comes to Taiwan while Russia is conducting an unprecedented military buildup on the borders of Ukraine, actions which, whether they lead to actual conflict or not, have already raised the prospect of how Biden will or will not respond.”

Former President Donald Trump, in contrast, was well aware of this situation, which is why American allies applauded Trump’s boldness in projecting strength activities.

“Now, Donald Trump, for all his flaws, understood that thugs like Xi and Putin spoke in the language of force and that, as bullies, they would be goaded by weakness,” Morrow said.

“As Trump’s former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted the other day, quote, ‘Strength deters bad guys, weakness begets war,’“ the Sky News host continued.

Morrow ended his monologue on a cautiously optimistic note, implying his fear that Biden would repeat history.

“As we honor the sacrifices of the Anzac Day fallen, let us hope that Biden learns this lesson to avoid more such sacrifices in the future,” he said.

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