A group of 17 state attorneys general submitted a letter on Monday, Oct. 18, demanding that the Department of Justice urgently rescind the memorandum issued on Oct. 4. The message directed the FBI to work with states to silence parents with school-aged children who are against Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other left-wing education policies.

The prosecutors’ letter was sent to President Joe Biden and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland. The judges argued that the memo in question is not supported by facts but by a subjectivist and ideologically charged narrative from the National School Boards Association (NSBA). It accuses parents who oppose CRT of being “domestic terrorists.”

The NSBA has been pressuring the Biden administration to take action and create anti-terrorism laws to ‘control the mobs of angry parents’ reacting to their children’s leftist education and the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) restrictive measures against the virus.

The letter also seeks to disprove the facts stated by the NSBA that allegedly prompted it to file its complaint. “The vast majority of incidents that NSBA cites involved disruptive and disorderly conduct rather than threats,” the letter states. 

“But, in no known instance has there been anything like the arson, looting, police assaults, vandalism, and other criminal activity that occurred in the summer of 2020.” The prosecutors condemned the riots involving the anarcho-communist group Antifa and the Marxist group Black Lives Matter, which does not appear to concern school boards or progressive politicians.

The attorney’s general expressed concern, saying the Justice Department memo is “likely to intimidate parents,” who in many cases are, for the first time, exercising their First Amendment right to speak in a public forum.

“We as a country should celebrate their participation in our system of self-government, not silence them by accusing them of ‘domestic terrorism’ and threaten them with the prospect of the FBI knocking on their door to investigate their activities,” they added.

Criticism centers on the fact that the document issued by Attorney General Garland in early October tasks the FBI with treating parents who publicly criticize Critical Race Theory (at parent meetings or on social media) as “terrorists” and “threats to National Security.”

Many parent groups and several dissenting school boards understood the memo as an abuse of authority by the attorney general, who would be using a federal agency to silence critical voices.

It has no legal or empirical basis since the memo was established based on NSBA comments and not on complaints or concrete facts.

In light of Garland’s trampling of free speech, conservative legal groups, led by Stephen Miller, a former Trump White House advisor, asked the Justice Department’s inspector general’s office to investigate the circumstances under which the attorney general drafted and published this memo, in search of abuse of power by Biden’s official.

Many Republicans reacted against what they understood as an encroachment on the freedom of speech.

Such is the case of Congressman Ken Buck, from the State of Colorado, who presented a motion for Garland’s impeachment, supported by Senator Rand Paul.

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