U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr presented the progress made by the Department of Justice in eliminating the MS-13 gang nationwide.

The destruction of this gang, considered the most bloodthirsty in the world, was one of the goals entrusted to Barr by President Donald Trump, as he noted at a July 15 meeting at the White House.

“They have the street savagery that you would see in a gang; they are not driven by commercial interests as, for example, the Mafia traditionally was,” began Barr’s description of what movitates gang members.

“They’re trying to get the honor of being the wildest, most bloodthirsty person you can be and to build a reputation as a killer. So this is, in a way, a death cult,” he added.

He also noted, “They use the terror they cause by their savagery to extort. And they’ve gotten more and more into human trafficking and now drug trafficking,” further explaining their crimes.

As for the operations carried out against the leaders of the gang, also known as “Mara Salvatrucha,” Barr said that charges had been brought against eight gang members for 24 crimes and that against another group of 13 the charges involved 21 crimes, in addition to the application of the law to numerous other criminals.

Prosecutor Barr also reported that joint operations of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the FBI, and authorities from El Salvador sought to arrest the ringleaders—the warrants issued from Central America.

President Donald Trump expanded the context with some of the results obtained over three years.

“In the last three years, ICE has deported more than 16,000 gang members and arrested more than 2,000 MS-13 members,” President Trump said.

Similarly, President Trump emphasized his administration’s policy, in the interest of his nation’s security.

“While radical leftist politicians have fought for open borders and the welfare of illegal aliens, my administration has fought for safe streets. We want security for our people. We want the rule of law. We want law and order,” President Trump said on the same occasion at the White House.