In the controversial development of the presidential election process, President Trump has maintained absolute control and already has all the elements to declare a state of emergency, according to the renowned writer Paul Klenk. 

In several tweets, Klenk summarizes the main events that characterized the country’s politics during the last four years. He pointed out that President Trump is ready to declare a state of national emergency, with the symbolic phrase “Breaking the Glass,”—the title of his Dec. 16 tweet. 

“TRUMP is ready to break the glass. Americans are gradually waking up to this MASSIVE electoral crisis. Now they see that the fraud is HUGE, but they don’t [see] how martial law or Trump’s Executive Order 13848 can solve it,” Klenk tweeted as user @LoudCitizen.


“The  2017 Coup
The Americans saw the panic that Hillary’s defeat caused in Washington.
Trump humiliated her and became a villain.
But people felt Trump’s patriotism.

“The landslide PROVES far more Americans were aware MSM is our enemy.

He relates how the Democrats, the FBI, the CIA, and the Justice Department planned what they believed would be Trump’s defeat.  the thread of his tweet continues.


“They spied on Trump from #DAY ONE.
They used PERJURY and illegal FISA warrants.
Corrupt FBI, CIA, DOJ were complicit in RAMPANT unmasking
Gen. Flynn knew their

As the tweet thread continues Klenk addressed what a terrible candidate Joe Biden is and that he generated zero enthusiasm. Klenk tweeted, “His nomination was a sham. His rallies were a laughingstock. And now we know Biden is CCP-owned. This proves #fraude was the plan all along.”

He continued with, “Only fraud could ‘elect’ Joe. Dominion’s product: GUARANTEED WINS for corrupt politicians.”

With this product, they steal elections around the world. It’s an easy system to hack.

Then Klenk addressed the algorithms, “The algorithms would flip votes; humans delete votes. In a process too complex for local oversight.”

But to ensure victory truckloads of ballots were ready.

Meanwhile, Americans had been carefully conditioned to be quiet, shy, and cooperative.” In the background, the Chinese Communist Party Virus functioned as a planned biological weapon.

The CCP Virus enabled bludgeoning through mail-in balloting, making it easier to commit fraud using the pretext of “social distancing.”

Nevertheless, President Trump acted promptly, on the one hand, getting the vaccines, and on the other hand, signing several executive powers protected by the Constitution.  

“Trump is smart. He’s been planning this for years. His Executive Order 13848 is ready. Trump has all the power and authority he needs,” Klenk added. 

Klenk’s tweet has been described as masterful by many readers, who congratulated him on his accuracy. 

“Great summary of the events leading up to the most difficult decision Trump will ever make. The Law of Insurrection has been planned and is ready,” tweeted user @realjunsonchan.

Thus, despite all the drawbacks, the failed strategies of the Democrats for more than four years, and the severe interference of the CCP, Trump maintains control and has all the constitutional resources to enforce the electoral will of his 75 million voters.

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