Houston attorney Tony Buzbee, who represents 125 victims of the Astroworld concert that killed ten people, sued singer Travis Scott and others for alleged negligence in staging a safe event. 

“No amount of money will ever make these Plaintiffs whole; no amount of money can restore human life,” Buzbee stated, referring to the U.S. $750 million he is demanding according to TMZ Nov. 16.  

He added emphatically, “But, the damages sought in this case attempts to fix, help, or make up for the harms and losses suffered by these Plaintiffs — nothing more and nothing less.”

Among his clients is the family of 21-year-old Axel Acosta, who was apparently crushed by an “incited, unruly and out-of-control crowd with such force that he could no longer breathe.” He reportedly suffered cardiac arrest during the event. 

Another victim was Danish Baig, 27, an avid Dallas Cowboys fan and Texas native, who died after trying to save his fiancée during the concert stampede.

His brother Basil praised his heroics shown, “Last night he showed his courageous act to save my sister-in-law from those horrendous things that were being done,” Basil wrote. “‘ I was there and I wasn’t able to save my brother.” 

Although Scott and the U.S. global entertainment company, Live Nation, offered financial reimbursement to those affected, Buzbee deemed it: “… a transparent and grotesque effort of the Defendants to limit their liability, after the fact, to the families of those killed or injured.”

After an exhaustive collection of testimony and videos with the help of the authorities, Buzbee noted, “This concert was doomed from the beginning. It was doomed before they filed their operations plan,” according to the New York Post. 

Buzbee was blunt in his statements, “neither Travis Scott nor his exclusive partners, streaming service, record labels, handlers, entourage, managers, agents, hangers on, promoters, organizers, or sponsors cared enough about Axel Acosta and the other concertgoers to make an even minimal effort to keep them safe.”

Scott has reportedly been attentive to the aftermath of the tragic event: “Over the last week, Travis Scott and his team have been actively exploring routes of connection with each and every family affected by the tragedy through the appropriate liaisons,” a statement said.

The long list of defendants includes Canadian singer Drake, event organizers Live Nation, Apple, Epic Records, and the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation.

As one of the aggravating factors against Scott, it is argued that he tends to incite riots during his performances. He exhibits screenshots on his social networks showing bloodied and fainting fans.

For Buzbee, the legal actions do not end with the lawsuit already filed, and he announced that his law firm: “intends to file another lawsuit in the coming days with another 100 named plaintiffs.”

And these are only a minuscule part of the 140 lawsuits received by the Harris County District Court in Texas for the same cause. 

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