At least eight people were killed and about 300 were injured as a mass of people among the 50,000 concertgoers at the sold-out Astroworld festival “began to compress” to the front of the stage on Friday, Nov 05, at NRG Park.

While amid the spectators jammed into the park for the first of two nights at Astroworld, a festival Travis Scott established in 2018, a security man was jabbed in the neck.

Medical personnel who treated the guard stated that he was given Narcan, a medicine used to resuscitate patients who have overdosed, and that they noticed a needle mark on his neck.

At a news conference on Saturday afternoon, Nov. 6, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said: “We do know that there were several, many, instances where they did administer Narcan on site, this is now a criminal investigation that is going to involve our homicide division, as well as narcotics.”

At least 11 of the 25 individuals evacuated to surrounding hospitals were in cardiac arrest, according to authorities, who added that 13 people remained hospitalized, including five children under the age of 18 and at least one 10-year-old among the dead and injured.

During the “mass casualty incident,” 300 individuals were treated at a field hospital set up at the stadium.

“It was a deliberate attack on innocent individuals, even a kid,” a source close to the concert organizers believes. “People were being spiked against their will.”

“As soon as he jumped out on stage, it was like an energy took over and everything went haywire, all of a sudden, your ribs are being crushed,” concertgoer Niaara Goods said. “You have someone’s arm in your neck. You’re trying to breath, but you can’t.”

Goods said she bit a man on the shoulder to force him to move because she was trying to get out of the crowd.

Marisa Angulo, 18, of Houston, said she had been to all three previous Astroworld events, which were named after a now-defunct Six Flags resort in Houston. When Scott walked out, she was four rows back from the barricade in front of the stage, and she felt a huge push and watched people being dragged over the barricade.

“The crowd was moving so hard, people were falling over and then tripping over the people on the ground,” said Billy Nasser, a 24-year-old DJ who was at the festival and tweeted footage of a guy receiving chest compressions as a cart he was on went through the throng.

He remarked, “I have been to so many festivals.” adding “I have never seen anything like this before.”

Some individuals continued to dance, presumably unaware of what was going on, while internet footage showed supporters anxiously trying to halt the event. Scott supposedly paused playing for a few seconds after witnessing an ambulance going through the audience, then restarted the act to “make this motherf–king ground shake.”

Scott was seen standing on the same platform as a group of security officials carrying one unconscious fan, he said on Twitter that he was “absolutely devastated” by the fatalities and promised to help authorities examine the incident.

“My prayers go out to the families and all those impacted by what happened at Astroworld Festival,” he said.

In his statement, the singer avoided criticism about his continued performance and instead focused on the investigation: “I am committed to working together with the Houston community to heal and support the families in need, thank you to Houston PD, Fire Department and NRG Park for their immediate response and support. Love You All.”

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