An asteroid is expected to fly past the Earth on Nov. 2, just one day before Election Day, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The space rock, labeled as 2018VP1, is about 6.5 feet in diameter, Fox News reported, citing NASA JPL’s Center for Near Objects Studies. 

According to JPL Horizons Nov. 2, 2020 nominal Earth approach is estimated at about approach 260,000 miles from Earth. JPL Horizons On-Line Ephemeris System provides easy access to key solar system data and flexible production of highly accurate ephemerides for solar system objects. 

The object was first observed at the Palomar Observatory in California in November 2018.

Though the asteroid is headed toward the green planet on the the eve of Election Day, the likelihood of direct impact is less than 1 percent.

NASA data revealed that there are three potential impacts based on 21 observations, but the chance of impact is 0.41%.

An asteroid of similar size, namely 2020 QG, passed the Earth on Aug. 16, became the closest space rock ever recorded to fly past our planet, but NASA was unable to see it. It flew from the direction of the sun.