Tragedies cannot be left as tragedies; they must be politicized. Following the deadly mass shooting at a Boulder, Colorado, supermarket on Monday, March 22, prominent left-wing media figures and others took to Twitter to condemn the shooter based on his skin color, rather than denouncing the heinous act as heinous.

Many people claimed the incident was an example of “white supremacy” or the actions of a “angry white man”—most likely a “right wing, MAGA white male.”

According to the Western Journal, The massacre had to have been carried out by a European-descended, American-born white male, which fit their story that white American men are evil. On Twitter, Julie DiCaro, a senior editor at Deadspin, expressed her dissatisfaction with people’s lives being determined by whether or not a white man with an AR-15 is having a good day. 

Hemal Jhaveri, a USA Today “Race and Inclusion Editor” according to her Twitter bio, responded to DiCaro by saying, “It’s always an angry white man.” “And they are always angry about women,” DiCaro replied in response to Jhaveri’s tweet – Julie DiCaro wrote a book (@JulieDiCaro) March 23, 2021

As Caleb Hull pointed out in a Twitter thread of such remarks, Francis Maxwell, host of The Young Turks’ “The Breakdown,” said in a since-deleted tweet that a white man went into a Boulder grocery store and killed 10 people.

In a since-deleted tweet, even musician and author Mikel Jollett addressed the shooter’s race. The suspect turned out to be a Middle Eastern, Syrian-born Muslim, rather than a European-descended, American-born white male.

Boulder police said on Tuesday that Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder. Some on the left, at least, had the foresight to delete their false narratives from Twitter.

Jhaveri, for example, apologized for her tweet and deleted it. Others, such as Amy Siskind, a self-described activist, feminist, and author, merely started a paradigm shift.

After initially claiming the suspect was “almost certainly a white man (again),” Siskind told her followers not to “glorify the killer with the attention of having his name widely known” once the suspect’s name was revealed. Instead, she attacked the sale of firearms.

Others refused to change their story even slightly. DiCaro stated on Twitter that she would not delete her first tweet because “it is still true.” Another Twitter user claimed that the suspect’s white skin, regardless of his nationality or ethnicity, kept him alive.

It’s sad enough that so many “journalists” and other prominent leftists quickly jumped on the same narrative bandwagon following the shooting. By refusing to admit their mistake, many people managed to paint themselves in an even worse light.

This alone demonstrates how callous the left is. Yes, some may instruct their supporters to mourn the victims of a mass shooting like this one, but it’s all the same behind closed doors. The message isn’t to mourn the victims because they were unjustly killed men and women who didn’t deserve to die. Rather, we should mourn these individuals because they were victims of a larger crime. Even if the alleged crime was never committed in the first place.


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