A controversial artwork that accuses the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of starting the worldwide CCP Virus pandemic burned down on July 23.

Artist Weiming Chen will remake his anti-communist sculpture from scratch. A suspected arson attack destroyed his 20-foot-tall work, which depicts Chinese leader Xi Jinping with “spike” proteins from the deadly disease protruding from the skull.

The sculpture dubbed “CCP Virus” was erected back in June at Liberty Sculpture Park in Yermo, about 124 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

Chen revealed the exhibit expresses his views that the CCP engineered the deadly disease. 

CCP Virus exhibit at Liberty Sculpture Park in Yermo, Calif., on June 4, 2021. (Chinese Democracy and Human Rights Alliance Screenshot via TheBL/YouTube)

The artist fled mainland China about 30 years ago, and recently introduced his piece to the Memorial Hall of the Victims of Communism. The event coincided with the 32nd anniversary of the Chinese military’s violent crackdown against pro-democracy protests at Tiananmen Square.

“We are a human-rights sculpture park,” he said according to the Daily Press. “This is a first because I know that I have the government support to make it here.”

Chen had hoped his work would inspire change in Chinese leadership.

“The CCP’s COVID-19 cover-up is a symptom of a larger evil that must be challenged,” Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) said according to the paper. “May we all continue to ask God and do our part to help create a democratic China–one that respects internationally recognized human rights and is governed by the rule of law.”

However, local authorities reported the sculpture was engulfed in flames at 6:21 p.m. on July 23. Investigators are unable to determine exactly who set it on fire.

Chen suspects at least one of Beijing’s southern Californian operatives could be to blame for the vandalism.

“This [arson] must come from a CCP officer in Los Angeles,” he said. “Something like this is not a personal action but a Chinese government action against us, and the American system of free speech.”

“They want the truth about the origins of the COVID-19 [CCP] virus to be hidden from the world,” he said. “I will make a face, reproduce the sculpture and make new again.”

He refuses to let this setback discourage him from spreading messages of freedom and hope.

“The CCP can burn a sculpture but the burning cannot destroy our determination to record the truth of history,” he said on Twitter. “The volunteer team of the Sculpture Park will recreate the sculpture, once again nailing Xi Jinping and the Communist Party to the pillar of shame in history … [and] when dictatorship is reached, freedom belongs to the people.”

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