Army 1st Lt. Clint Lorance, one of two U.S. Army officers granted clemency Friday, Nov. 15, by President Trump, expressed his thankfulness to the president.

Appearing on a Fox News interview, Lorance described the moment he learned about being pardoned. The Army officer was convicted of several charges in 2013 after a 2012 incident in Afghanistan where two men on motorcycles were killed. He spent six years of a 19-year sentence in prison. 

For President Trump, who granted a full pardon to him, Lorance said, “I love you, sir. You are awesome.”

“I will say this, Mr. President, I wish you had a better team around you. You need more people watching your back. And I think you don’t have a lot of that, and that is absolutely unfortunate and that infuriates me to no end. The American people elected you, and my thing is, if you are working in the White House or if you are working in the United States government and you don’t agree with something the president does, then go home.”

The other Army officer who received the pardon was Maj. Mathew Golsteyn. He was charged in 2018 for killing a man in Afghanistan described as a “terrorist bomb maker” in a statement from the White House press secretary, according to IJR

“I had a feeling it was coming because, you know, the president has shown the nation that he’s been a man of his word this whole time since he took office,” Gallagher said on a Fox News interview on Sunday, Nov. 17. “It was overwhelming, it was a feeling of joy and gratitude to be able to speak to him and to hear what the decision that he was making from his mouth.”