Police in Philadelphia, PA are looking for a person accused of robbing a store, according to 9GAG.

Surveillance video shows at 1-Stop Smoke Shop, the armed suspect approaches a female worker behind the counter. Ultimately, he backed out of the robbery.

Store owner Kimo said that the robber said it was not enough to pay for his daughter’s kidney transplant.

The worker said the robber put his gun away and became friendly, eventually leaving the store without any money and without hurting anyone.

Although the man didn’t take anything the police said he’s still in “violation of the law” and faces a charge of armed robbery.

In the United States, dialysis & kidney transplants for minors are free by federal law since 1972. They were eligible for the procedure but were not for the subsequent lifelong medications.

If the robber was telling the truth, it’s likely that his daughter is not a minor or they do not qualify for Medicaid.