An armed man stopped what may have ended in a mass shooting in Georgia, Fox 5 reported.

According to authorities, on Saturday morning, Kevintez Mathewis threatened to shoot people in a bar after being expelled several times by security personnel.

Witnesses reported that Mathewis, 27, was angry and furious when he was kicked out of the Fat Boys Bar and Grill on Highway 16 in Newnan.

As seen on security cameras, when Mathewis returned to the bar with the gun in his hand, Ben McCoy appeared on the scene and quickly pulled a rifle out of his car and distracted the gunman before he could get into the establishment.

Immediately, Mathewis started running and shooting at McCoy, a Fat Boys employee who was off duty.

The attacker was subsequently tracked down and arrested by police. He faces aggravated assault charges.

McCoy was injured and treated at the Atlanta Medical Center.

Coweta County deputies quoted by Fox 5 noted that McCoy’s maneuver prevented what could have been a tragedy: a potential mass shooting.

McCoy’s courageous action comes in the middle of the debate over civilian use of guns after two tragic shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, earlier this month.

While progressive sectors and the left argue that weapons carried by civilians represent a danger to society, right-wing politicians and conservatives point out that prepared and law-abiding people with guns can save lives.

“It’s borderline impossible to argue this good guy with a gun didn’t save lives this weekend,” said Andrew J. Sciascia, a contributor with The Western Journal.

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