On the day of the Kentucky Derby on the evening of May 1, a group of Black Lives Matter demonstrators swarmed the outdoor dining patio of a Louisville restaurant. Some were armed. Patrons at the property responded with one brandishing a handgun. 

The activists protested in honor of Breonna Taylor, a black medical worker. She was fatally shot by police in March last year when they executed a no-knock warrant at her apartment following an investigation into drug trafficker Jamarcus Glover, her ex-boyfriend, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.

As the demonstrators marched northbound on the street, they swarmed to the La Chasse European restaurant in the 1300 block of Bardstown Road, La Chasse, and collided with the patrons with both sides pulling out their firearms, according to Fox News.

Watch the footage shared by Hayes Gardner, a reporter for the Louisville Courier-Journal:

In the video, a patron can be seen pointing his handgun at some BLM protesters, some of whom were armed. Fox News added that the tensions eased as a female member of the demonstrators urged the group to move away down the block. 

New York Post quoted NRA saying that carrying firearms is legally accepted in Kentucky. 

Police spokeswoman Alicia Smiley told the outlet that the altercation occurred after several protesters were detained for repeatedly blocking the roadway despite constant verbal requests from officials to use the sidewalk. Subsequently, there were at least 5 arrests made on Saturday. 

The protest was ignited after an investigation into Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government and the Louisville Police Department was announced by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland on April 26, nearly one year after the death of Breonna Taylor.

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