Tuesday, a woman from Arkansas found the largest brown diamond picked up in more than two years at the Crater of Diamonds State Park.

Pat Choate lives in Jacksonville with her husband, John Choate, about a two-hour drive from the park. They visited several times before and discovered five diamonds, but on Tuesday, Pat made her biggest discovery.

She spent about 30 minutes searching the area’s southwest portion before finding it.

“I saw something shiny several feet ahead of me and walked over to see what it was,” Choate said. “I lost sight of it when I got close, but then I turned around I found the diamond lying beside me!”

The diamond was registered by staff and found to weigh 3.29 carats. It was named “Illusive Dream” by Choate.

“Illusive Dream” diamond. (Arkansas State Parks)

This is the biggest brown gem found at the park since a Centerton teenager discovered a brown diamond 7.44-carat in March 2017.

The Crater of Diamonds State Park is the world’s only diamond-producing location where the public can search for and keep diamonds.

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