After much back and forth between the Arkansas legislature, Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s (R), and now the Arkansas Senate, a ban on malignant ‘sex change’ treatments for those under 18 has finally become law, The Hill reported.

After the Republican-majority Arkansas state legislature passed the “Saving Adolescents from Experimentation Act” (SAFE) in March of this year by a final vote of 75 to 25, Governor Asa Hutchinson vetoed it in early April.

However, the Republican-majority Senate overrode the governor’s veto Monday by a vote of 25-8, making it law.

What the governor said

In an intense exchange with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, the governor tried to explain why he vetoed the law by arguing that the state should not intervene in a decision by parents, children, and doctors and that many teens currently taking these hormone blockers would go without treatment after the law goes into effect.

But Carlson interrupted the governor with more solid arguments: children taking these treatments suffer from severe depression, with suicidal thoughts, and in fact, there is a suicidal tendency among adolescents with gender dysphoria, the name of the psychological illness.

Also, other studies show that blocking the hormones of children and adolescents disrupts the body’s normal development. Among other things, the person loses bone density, an irreversible process.

Between 2013 and June 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recorded 41,213 adverse events, including 6,379 deaths and 25,645 “serious” reactions in patients who took the hormone blocker known as Lupron, the same drug given to children who say their gender identity does not match their biological sex.

Experts also point out that the confusion of gender dysphoria in adolescents tends to resolve in the person’s maturing stages; that is, once past adolescence, the person regains clarity. But once these procedures to reverse one’s biological sex begin, many things are irreversible, especially surgeries.

Arkansas’ welcome law is welcome, but more is needed

While the law passed in Arkansas is necessary to protect children from the destructive bigotry of the LGBT agenda and the radical left, there is one more factor that is causing this phenomenon of gender dysphoria to spread around the world stealthily: the campaign of the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the entertainment world.

Through their movies, through their music videos, through ‘scientific’ articles, in TV programs, and schools, children are bombarded with malicious propaganda that tries to convince them that there is nothing wrong with ‘exploring’ sexuality, changing gender, and all sorts of perverse propositions that at the end of the day have an effect of confusing children, altering their innate purity.

These powerful actors penetrate all social strata, and with a simple cell phone and Internet access, children are exposed to these ideas. Therefore, to resist the contamination of this vat of dye, it is necessary to cut to the greatest extent possible the exposure of children to these evil things, emphasize moral values, and hope that humanity returns to more traditional ways.

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