The president of the Arizona school board is accused of gathering information on parents who expressed opinions contrary to his policies during board meetings and is calling for his removal from office.

As reported by Fox News, in the wake of the scandal, more than 650 Scottsdale, Arizona parents have signed a petition for the “immediate dismissal” of Jann-Michael Greenburg, president of the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) Governing Board.

According to reports, a mother discovered that Greenburg had access to a Google file containing personal information on many parents, including photos, their Social Security numbers, a divorce proceeding, and financial records.

“There is no legitimate purpose for any of these background checks, deeds, marital records, financial documents, professional certifications and more to be curated, stored, and shared in such a manner by Mr. Greenburg,” the petition states.

The Scottsdale Independent on Nov. 9 said the matter was revealed when the Scottsdale Unified School District president sent parent Kim Stafford an email that inadvertently included a screenshot and link to a Google Drive file in question.

Stafford then shared the link with several people, including another parent, Amanda Wray, who is the administrator of a Facebook group called the Community Advocacy Network (CAM) that was formed last year. CAM is made up of parents advocating for in-person learning, and in some cases questioning the use of facemasks in schools. 

The file Greenburg had access to contained folders addressed to this group of parents in question and were labeled “SUSD Crazies,” “Anti-Mask Lunatics,” and “Press Conference Psychos.”

Wray told her that she had previously confronted Greengurg because he made political comments during a school meeting “that is supposed to be non-partisan.”

In addition, she told AZFamily, she could see on the drive that there were pictures of her eight and 10-year-old sons—”that was terrifying,” she stated. “He has pictures of my vacation home, property records. I’m not a political opponent, I’m an involved parent and that is threatening to me and it makes me wonder why and what he was planning to do with those photos.”

Wray said she believes parents are targeted because they call for Greenburg’s removal because of the district’s COVID-19 policies. Although she noted, “We’re not anti-mask, we’re not anti-vaccines. They’ve painted us that way because it fits their inflammatory narrative,” Wray said.

Meanwhile, the school board president categorically denies any involvement or knowledge about the file in question. 

The Scottsdale Unified School District sent a letter Wednesday to parents stating that they have no connection to the controversial Google Drive and that it was allegedly created and maintained by Mark Greenburg. 

“While the existence of the site and its public record contents may raise concern; such activities are not within the purview of the Scottsdale Unified School District to control, and are unrelated to the district’s task of providing future-focused, world-class learning opportunities to our 22,000 Pre-K-12 students.” 

Joseph Chaplik, a representative of the Arizona House of Representatives, joined the call for Greenburg’s resignation, saying via a statement:

“As a Scottsdale parent and member of the community I am calling for the resignation of Jann-Michael Greenburg. … The evidence of his cyber-stalking and spreading of an enemies list should be the last straw for his fellow board members and I expect them to join me in this call.”

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