Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, in a letter published on Sunday, Nov. 8, denounced the apparent electoral fraud in the presidential elections supported by the world’s most powerful legacy media. He also spoke about the CCP Virus as a political tool and the connections of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden with the deep state.

In the letter published on the Catholic Family News website, the archbishop aroused controversy and discomfort among those promoting the supposed presidential victory of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Biden’s apparent “win” was announced with the collaboration of the world’s most influential media even though voting has not been completed in key states which are immersed in scandalous cases of fraud. 

Viganò described a society split in two, on the one hand, are those who believe in objective reality as a product of “truth,” which is indisputable because, “Truth possesses in itself, ontologically, its own reason for validity. The Truth cannot be denied because it is an attribute of God; it is God Himself,” argues the archbishop.

On the other hand, he mentions that society dominated by mass media fiction, which promoted the CCP Virus pandemic—a fundamental social engineering tool to control humanity through fear and facilitate people’s vulnerability. 

The media that promoted the terror of the CCP Virus are the same ones that are now announcing the victory of Joe Biden as president of the United States amid an electoral fraud covered up by the reporters themselves.

“The reality of Covid is blatantly in contrast with what the mainstream media wants us to believe,” said Viganò, adding, “In a similar way, the reality of electoral fraud, of blatant violations of the rules and the systematic falsification of the results contrasts with the narrative given to us by the information giants, who say that Joe Biden is the new President of the United States, period.”

He also warned that both Biden and the Covid are two artificial creations that can easily be replaced if the socialist agenda requires it. “Covid and Biden are two holograms, two artificial creations, ready to be adapted time and time again to contingent needs or respectively replaced when necessary with Covid-21 and Kamala Harris.”

This society fragmented by the left, and fed by the media, also seeks to separate and differentiate the “good” from the “bad,” seeking to impose a mantle of unfounded goodness on leftist policies.

“They are the ones supporting democracy, even if in order to win elections they must always resort to deception and fraud—even fraud that is blatantly evident. They are the defenders of freedom, even if they deprive us of it day after day. They are objective and honest, even if their corruption and their crimes are now obvious even to the blind.” Viganò added.

But in this sense, the Archbishop, bringing a light of hope, insists on his concept of Truth, assuring that Truth is God. “And everything that is true participates in this primacy over lies.

“We can thus be theologically and philosophically certain that these deceptions’ hours are numbered, because it will be enough to shine light on them to make them collapse. Light and darkness, precisely.

“So let us allow light to be shed on the deceptions of Biden and the Democrats, without taking even one step back: the fraud that they have plotted against President Trump and against America will not remain standing for long.”

In his letter, Viganò also pointed again at the U.S. Catholic bishops, who supported candidate Biden in his bid for the presidency, “apparently forgetting the not-negligible detail that Biden is avidly pro-abortion, a supporter of LGBT ideology, and of anti-Catholic globalism.”

Finally, he urged American Catholics to, “multiply their prayers and beg the Lord for a special protection for the president of the United States. I ask priests, especially during these days, to recite the Exorcism against Satan and the apostate angels, and to celebrate the Votive Mass ‘Pro Defensione ab hostibus’ [for defense against enemies].'”

A few days before the elections, Viganò addressed an open letter to President Donald Trump expressing his solidarity and warning of the advance of a dangerous “global conspiracy against God and humanity.”

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