In an Instagram video touring the U.S. Capitol Building on Friday, July 31, far left Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) made an example of St. Damien of Molokai’s statue, a Belgian Catholic priest who died in Hawaii caring for lepers, as part the white supremacist and patriarchy culture of the United States, reported Breitbart

AOC said in her video:

When we talk about sexism and racism being cultural—aka just the water we swim in and don’t even realize—I want to show you a real life example. 
This is the crypt of the US Capitol. In general, the Capitol has statues all over the place. They are everywhere you turn. I walk under past them everyday on the way to work.
Millions of people come here every year to learn these stories and see who is celebrated as heroes in US history.
What do you see? What you do not see?

And when she is recording about the statue of Father Damien she says:

Even when we select figures to tell the stories of colonized places, it is the colonizers and settlers whose stories are told—and virtually no one else. Check out Hawaii’s statue.

It’s not Queen Lili’uokalani of Hawaii, the only Queen Regnant of Hawaii, who is immortalized and whose story is told. It is Father Damien. This isn’t to litigate each and every individual statue, but to point out the patterns that have emerged among the totality of them in who we are taught to deify in our nation’s Capitol: virtually all men, all white, and mostly both. This is what patriarchy and white supremacist culture looks like!

One user, John Cage, a former journalist of the DC Examiner, corrected the Squad member immediately, “@AOC calls the statue in the US capitol building of Father Damien, a canonized saint in the Catholic Church, a part of “white supremacist culture. Father Damien died of leprosy after spending his life serving others who had the disease.”

To which AOC replied that the video was cut and taken out of context. However, Cage hit back saying that the context did not change the fact that she called a kind man who died serving others, a white supremacist and suggested she apologize for her mistake, to which she did not.

The backlash was almost immediate, and most comments criticized AOC for being ignorant of who Father Damien actually was, and Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) called her comments part of the “cancel culture”—a progressive movement swiping the world to “deconstruct” Western traditions regardless of their nature.

Writing for the Catholic News Agency, Matt Hadro said, “Any Hawaiian here who is aware of their history—which most Hawaiians are—would absolutely, Catholic or not, defend the legacy of Damien as a man who was embraced by the people, and who is a hero to us because of his love for the Hawaiian people. We did not judge him by the color of his skin. We judged him by the love that he had for our people.”

Another user showed a photo of Kamehameha I a prominent king of Hawaii also in the Capitol Building, proving AOC wrong.

Ironically, Ocasio-Cortez is considered by some progressives as “the future of the Catholic Church” as previously reported  byBreitbart despite AOC being an advocate for abortion and a socialist ideas. 

The premise that progressives and socialist’s ideas can lead the future of the Church has been pushed now for some time by many organizations self-proclaimed “Catholics.” Nevertheless, the sole purpose of socialism and progressivism is to destroy any morality that refrains men from committing evil completely opposed to what religions aimed to achieve.