Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Tuesday, Feb. 3, falsely claimed that Trump supporters planted bombs that surrounded the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters the night before the Capitol Hill riot on Jan. 6.

“This is the latest manipulative take on the right,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote in response to RedState‘s report revealing that she wasn’t in the Capitol Building at the time of the attack on Congress but was in another building. 

“They are manipulating the fact that most people don’t know the layout [of] the Capitol complex. We were all on the Capitol complex—the attack wasn’t just on the dome. The bombs Trump supporters planted surrounded our offices too.”

The FBI had reported via a press release that an “unknown individual” placed two pipe bombs on Jan. 5 at the RNC and DNC headquarters. There is a hefty reward out from the agency for information leading to the suspect. 

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.), whose office is two doors down from Ocasio-Cortez’s, pointed out Tuesday that “insurrectionists” never made it to their hall when the Capitol was breached. 

“AOC made clear she didn’t know who was at her door,” Mace wrote, captioning a post from Newsweek, which stated that rioters entered Ocasio-Cortez’s office. “Breathless attempts by media to fan fictitious news flames are dangerous.”

“My office is 2 doors down,” Mace underscored. “Insurrectionists never stormed our hallway. Egregious doesn’t even begin to cover it. Is there nothing MSM [mainstream media] won’t politicize?”

Following Mace’s criticism, Newsweek issued a correction note: “A previous version of this story stated that Ocasio-Cortez’s office was entered by rioters. Ocasio-Cortez’s office was actually entered by a Capitol police officer that did not identify himself. Newsweek regrets the error.”

On Wednesday, the hashtag #AlexandriaOcasioSmollett was on the Twitter trending list. The hashtag referenced the infamous hate crime hoax perpetrated by “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett in 2019.

Ocasio-Cortez later sent out emails to her followers, calling for them to petition Facebook and Twitter to take down posts criticizing her.

“As we speak, right-wing operatives with millions of followers on social media are spreading flat-out lies and misleading information about Alexandria. But with your help, we can force Twitter and Facebook to take action and enforce their own rules,” the email reads.