In a new demonstration in Washington staged by the violent far-left groups Black Lives Matter (BLM) and antifa on Saturday, Feb. 6 they again clashed with police, threatened diners at restaurants, and sought to add followers by inciting passersby while threatening to “burn” down D.C.

Controversial leftists marched again in D.C. during the afternoon and evening on Saturday, this time the excuse was “DC Queer and Trans Black History Month March and Rally.” 

Riots in Washington

As is often the case with these types of demonstrations, as the hours passed and darkness began to cover the city, the violent tone of the protesters began to take on more and more force. And so, with red and black flags, their faces covered and dressed in black, the most radical demonstrators began the first riots.

Independent journalist Brendan Gutenschwager, covered the event and uploaded some videos on his Twitter account where you can see antifa protesters advancing with a firm step.

In another video posted by Gutenschwager, the protesters can be seen stopped in front of a row of restaurants where other participants of the protest were fighting with police officers, who were peacefully trying to stop the violent protesters from approaching the area where families were having dinner.

In a third video, you can clearly see the human cordon that police officers had to form in order to minimally safeguard the safety of the diners. 

“DC Police are forming lines around the outdoor diners to separate them from the protesters marching past #DC,” Gutenschwager’s tweet reads.

The chants heard from the protesters were loaded with violence as we are accustomed to and unfounded accusations against the police, falsely insinuating that there is some sort of persecution by law enforcement against black people.

“Despite the fact that black lives matter, black people are still dying at the hands of police paid for by our tax dollars,” the protesters were heard to say, and also, “If we don’t get it, we’ll burn it down.”

Antifa and BLM demonstrations since the inauguration of current President Joe Biden have been greatly reduced in number and in violence as well, at least compared to the months leading up to the election. No doubt Biden represents much of their leftist interests and they share a common agenda in favor of globalism and the destruction of traditional American values. 

In any case, some violent outbreaks are beginning to appear again, like the one this weekend, surely with the intention of reminding and pressuring the new president of his commitments to the most radical left.

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