This past Dec. 10, the United States president announced another great piece of news for the entire world; Morocco joined the Arab countries of the Middle East that are resuming diplomatic relations with Israel after the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sudan.

Trump used his Twitter account to make the announcement:

The peace treaties achieved by the Trump Administration are part of the plan launched by the President in early 2020 to achieve peace in the Middle East between Muslim-majority countries and Israel, which have been in armed conflict for decades primarily due to ideological issues.

Jared Kushner, a senior advisor to the president, said, “This comes on four years of very, very hard work and diplomacy. We have peace sprouting in the Middle East.”

Kushner called the achievement “part of the president’s efforts to bring peace and prosperity to the world,” and stated that other countries in the region “want to keep this progress going.”

The resumption of diplomatic relations has a significant impact on the region’s stability because the more Muslim-majority countries establish trade, cultural and other exchanges with Israel, the more isolated the terrorist groups become, significantly reducing their ability to carry out attacks.

As part of this new peace agreement, Trump announced that the United States officially recognizes Morocco’s sovereignty over part of the Sahara Desert:

For years, previous administrations had tried to achieve peace agreements between Israel and other Muslim-majority countries. Still, they failed because of including Palestine in such agreements, which repeatedly rejected Israel’s offers of independence and territory.

The “Trump method” was to isolate Palestine from these agreements and directly bring together Arab nations willing to move forward.

President Trump was nominated twice to the Nobel Peace Prize for his achievements in the Middle East.

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