A Vietnamese man from California named Anthony Nguyen Kha Huy died at the age of 45 after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, leaving behind two young children, 2 and 4 years of age, and a young wife.

According to Anthony’s brother-in-law Phuong Tran, Anthony got his covid vaccine on April 20th. He died ten days later. His family believes the vaccine was to blame for his death.

Social media posts show how happy Anthony’s family was. Many people have expressed their condolences for his passing.

Friends and family have raised money for his wife and their two young children through GoFundMe. They’ve had a lot of help so far.

According to information on the GoFundMe page, quoted by The Washington Standard, Anthony died of a blood clot possibly caused by the COVID-19 vaccine after celebrating his birthday in March.

Anthony has been trying to adhere to the epidemic prevention measures, avoiding gatherings, and working hard to take care of his family while his wife is unemployed.

The information on the GoFundMe page adds that when the COVID vaccine became available, he considered it was his only hope of protecting his family from the disease and helping put an end to the pandemic. So, on Tuesday, April 20th, when he became eligible, he went to get the vaccine. His body began to suffer side effects after a few days. He was sweating profusely, experiencing chest pain, and feeling numb and cold. He went to the emergency room but was released because the doctors did not consider his condition to be life-threatening. 

At home, his condition worsened until he couldn’t take the suffering any longer, and he became unconscious. When they arrived at the hospital again, they discovered that his blood wasn’t flowing to his organs, that his organs were failing, and that his brain had suffered damage. He had almost died on the trip to the hospital, and there was no chance of survival. Many of the symptoms indicate he suffered from a blood clot.

An autopsy was needed to confirm and ascertain the actual cause, but his wife and family decided not to proceed and to let him rest in peace. They recognized that Big Pharma was already working hard to make the COVID vaccine available to the rest of the world and that their fate was a one in a million chance. The family prefers not to name the brand of the vaccine.