The Denver police received a big gift from a stranger on Tuesday, Aug. 20. An anonymous donor gave $112,500 for rifle-rated protective gear kits to outfit 75 officers.

In a ceremony organized Tuesday in Colorado by Shield 616, a total of 101 Denver officers were given free gear.

The timing of the donated vests, protective ceramic ballistic plates, and other gear is not lost on Denver’s police chief.

“This is a very special day, the fact that 101 Shield 616 kits [are] going to our officers, particularly after a rough month,” Chief Paul Pazen told FOX31. “We’ve had three separate incidents where people have fired upon our officers.”

The gear will give the men and women who run toward danger a better chance to get home safe to their families. Bullet-resistant vests and other gear are supplied to officers in many police departments, but rifle-rated gear is often too cost-prohibitive.

“And the fact that the community is willing to support (Denver police) by providing this extra gear—this extra equipment, the latest and greatest equipment to keep them safe—really helps our officers when they go out there and do this very dangerous job,” Pazen said.

Shield 616 is a Colorado charity that gives high-tech gear valued at $1,500 each to officers around the country.

So far, the nonprofit organization has donated more than 3,500 sets of gear to officers in 14 states.

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