Eight years ago, Maureen Maloney lost her son, Matthew Denicewho was tragically killed by an illegal immigrant drunk behind the wheel. Since then, the Boston mother has persistently fought for her son’s justice. 

At the State House last week, Maloney again testified about the death of her son in opposition to a bill seeking to grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. At the start of her testimony, Maloney held up a photo of Matthew and recalled how he was killed by Nicolas Guaman, an illegal alien with a criminal record. 

According to her speech at a Bostonians Against Sanctuary Cities event in May 2017, Maloney detailed the episode, saying Guaman, “who was an illegal alien did not have a diver’s license and had spent his day drinking beer, ran over Matthew, causing Matthew to be lodged in the front, right wheel well. He dragged Matthew a quarter mile to this death while horrified witnesses yelled for him to stop and banged on his truck.” Guaman had his 6-year-old son in the truck with him.

Her story was tragic. A mom who loses a child should always be afforded respect. Yet, about halfway into her three minutes of testimony last week, a man behind Maloney booed the grieving mother. 

“It just made me more determined,” Maloney told Boston Herald. “I don’t want other people to lose their lives like Matthew did. I don’t want other families to go through the heartache that my family deals with. And that’s where I get the strength and the stamina to keep doing this.”

A similar situation occurred a few years ago when Maloney spoke against a similar proposal. When she went over the three minutes, she said people in the audience began booing and hollering that her time was up, according to the outlet.

It was hard for Maloney to speak in public and open up the wounds. The mother said the illegal aliens, they’re afraid they’ll be deported but they can take their children with them or their children can go visit them. Maloney, she doesn’t have that option. She has been permanently separated from her son. 

Guaman is currently serving out a 12- to 14-year sentence for the murder of Denice, according to The Daily Wire