In Beijing, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is implementing a new way of taking samples to detect the CCP Virus. According to an expert, its new method involves taking a swab via the rectum because “they are much more accurate” than those taken from the throat or nose.

According to reports, the nucleic acid swab must be inserted 1 to 2 inches into the rectum and then rotated several times before completing the sample collection that would take about 10 seconds, according to the Daily Mail on Jan. 27.

The alleged accuracy of the anal system is controversial in the scientific community.

The deputy director of the department of pathogen biology at Wuhan University, Yang Zhanqiu, stated that nasal and throat applicators are the most effective.

The reason is that the virus is contracted through the upper respiratory tract and not through the digestive system.

Although the virus has been found in fecal matter in some cases, it has not been proven to enter the body through the digestive system.

Given these arguments, rectal sampling is presumably less accurate, which generates uncertainty.

For Italian journalist, Cesare Sacchetti anal sampling is an application of social engineering ordered by the CCP to bend its population’s will even more.

“It’s not a joke. China [the CCP] chose to use anal Covid swab tests instead of nose swab tests. Basically, this is an operation of social engineering,” Sacchetti said.

He added, “They’re trying to see how far people are willing to go in obeying the regime, even if that means being sodomized.”

Twitter user @FrogRoast agrees with Sacchetti that it is an extreme degree of subjugation, “It gets weirder, and yes, it is a form of sodomization,” he tweeted.

The CCP’s record of repression, torture, and all kinds of human rights violations would give rise to suspicions such as those expressed by Sacchetti.

For some Chinese Weibo network users, the physical discomfort is little, but the humiliation is extreme, according to the Daily Mail.

Also, a social media survey indicated that 80% of potential users of the rectal test “could not accept” such a system.

Concerns in China about a possible pandemic outbreak are many, given the Chinese Lunar New Year’s proximity, the most important traditional holiday of the year on the Chinese calendar, as it is in other Asian countries.

The risks are increased given the vast number of people who travel during the season to reunite with their families.

Some cities in China are under strict quarantine, with citizens enduring great suffering due to lack of food, as is the case in Tonghua, Jilin Province.

“The epidemic is out of control in Tonghua City, Jilin province, and the city is closed. However, there is no one to distribute supplies, so hundreds of thousands of people in the city are deprived of food and vegetables,” tweeted user @ttingxiao, who provided audios in Chinese, on Jan. 25.