Confusion reigns in New York over the issue of school shutdowns, as New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo fired up with reporters who asked whether shutdowns would happen.

Cuomo shouted at the press, denying any such suggestion. Meanwhile, Mayor Bill De Blasio, in a separate press conference, announced schools would close from Thursday and remain closed at least until Thanksgiving due to a spike in cases of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus, reports Fox News.

Many parents will be at a loss in dealing with this, especially in households with two working parents.

A heated exchange between Cuomo and Wall Street Journal reporter Jimmy Vielkind reached a shouting crescendo by Cuomo after he was asked if he intended to override officials’ decision to close down schools.

“What are you talking about? ‘You’re now going to override,’ we did it already! That’s the law!” Cuomo shouted. “An orange zone and a red zone, follow the facts!”

“I’m still confused,” Viekind responded, reports Fox News.

“Then you’re confused!” Cuomo shouted back.

“I’m confused, and parents are still confused as well,” Viekind pressed on.

“No, they’re not confused. You’re confused,” Cuomo scolded Vielkind. “Read the law, and you won’t be confused.”

Soon another reporter got in on the argument, asking Cuomo if the schools would be open “tomorrow,” and Cuomo replied, “The schools are open by state law.”

The reporter continued with his line of questioning, and Cuomo retorted,

“Well, I don’t really care what you think. Of course, you agree with him, [Vielkind] because you’re in the same business with him,” Cuomo said.

Jesse McKinley from the New York Times soon joined in, telling Cuomo de Blasio’s office had just announced schools would close the following day.

“That 3 percent [benchmark], the mayor set, in my opinion, in a collaborative with the parents,” Cuomo said. “That was the agreement, and the agreement should be honored.”

Social media was aflutter with comments on the exchange:

“For someone who presided over so many deaths, especially so many avoidable deaths in nursing homes, Governor Cuomo should perhaps be a little less overconfident, little less mocking, and a little less aggressive in COVID briefings with the media,” MSNBC analyst Mehdi Hasan wrote.

“That’s some Trumpian treatment of a reporter asking a legitimate and fair question, @NYGovCuomo,” Politico reporter Andrew Disiderio said according to Fox News.

“Andrew Cuomo is like the Joe Pesci character of a Martin Scorsese movie without any of the likeability,” Daily Wire contributing editor Harry Khachatrian tweeted.

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