Ammon Bundy, the son of Cliven Bundy of the Bundy Ranch, who successfully fought the Obama administration’s Bureau of Land Management’s 2014 attempt to seize his father’s cattle due to years of alleged grazing on public lands without a permit, officially announced his candidacy for Governor of Idaho at a campaign-style event that drew hundreds of supporters.

Announcing his run for governor in Meridian, Idaho, Bundy chanted his campaign slogan, “Keep Idaho IDAHO.”

“May we keep Idaho a bastion of freedom and prosperity for years to come, may we be an example to the world of how to be free, of how to act, how to treat each other, and how to leave each other alone. And together, all of us together, may we Keep Idaho, Idaho,” said Bundy.

This “Keep Idaho IDAHO Plan“ calls for the repeal of property, income, and consumption taxes, as well as plans to reclaim the 61 percent of Idaho land currently held by the federal government, eliminate vaccine mandates, and recognize cryptocurrencies as officially accepted forms of payment in the state. Criminal justice reform, marijuana legalization, and an executive order to end abortion in the state are also included in the plan, National File reported.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Bundy has been a vocal critic of Idaho Gov. Brad Little, and he has been detained many times for refusing to wear a face mask at the Idaho Capitol. Bundy was eventually barred from the Capitol for refusing to cover his face.

Bundy and his family became national figures during a days-long confrontation between the family of ranchers and armed federal officers from the Obama administration’s Bureau of Land Management. At one point, as the BLM sought to corral and confiscate the Bundy family’s cattle, a throng of 400 demonstrators outnumbered and overwhelmed BLM agents, forcing them to leave.

The family was eventually charged with 16 criminal counts, but the trial ended in a mistrial. According to federal judge Gloria Navarro, the federal government had engaged in “gross misconduct,” who stated in her order that “a mistrial in this case is the most suitable and only remedy.” In 2020, the federal government attempted to appeal the ruling and pursue additional legal action against the Bundy family, but the Trump-era Ninth District Court of Appeals rejected their appeal, Esquire reported.

In the primary, Bundy will face Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin. McGeachin made national news in May when she signed an executive order effectively prohibiting mask mandates in the state of Idaho, using the interim powers vested in her while Gov. Little was out of state. While there was no order or statute requiring masks in Idaho at the time, many local government entities, including public schools, had such mandates, which were repealed as a result of McGeachin’s order.

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