A survey conducted by Pew Research announced that anti-Chinese sentiment among Americans has reached an all-time high.  

Amid tensions between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over trade, the CCP Virus and human rights, a Pew Research survey of 1,003 American adults in June and July found that more than 70% hold negative views of China and are suspicious of its policies. 

“Around three-quarters (73 percent) of Americans have an unfavorable view of China today—the most negative reading in the 15 years that Pew Research Center has been measuring these views,” wrote the authors of the report, Laura Silver, Kat Devlin and Christine Huang.

Since the spread of the CCP virus the Trump administration has entered into an open trade war with the CCP, where trade is only the tip of the iceberg of problems being discussed by both powers. 

Accusations of espionage, closures of consulates (in Houston and Chengdu), blame on responsibilities regarding the CCP virus, territorial conflicts in the South China Sea, accusations about the persecution of minorities such as the Uighurs and Falun Gong practitioners in China, etc. This long list generated an accumulation of tensions that, as evidenced by the Pew Research survey, is not only manifested in the political sphere but also in the society that showed great distrust towards China. 

According to the Pew survey, 64 percent of Americans say China has done a “bad job” in its treatment of the virus. And 78 percent say the Chinese Communist Party is to blame for allowing the CCP Virus to spread from the city of Wuhan to the entire world.

The survey found that 77 percent of Americans had “little or no confidence” in Chinese leader Xi Jinping to “do the right thing in world affairs. That number has grown 27 points since last year, according to Pew.

The survey also found that a majority of Americans now support taking stronger action on human rights violations in China. About 73 percent of those surveyed said that while it may harm economic relations between the two countries, the U.S. government should try to promote human rights in China.

Another curious fact is the comparison between the opinion about the Democrats and Republicans. While the Republicans have long held more unfavorable views of China than the Democrats, unfavorable views have grown rapidly between the two parties over the past year. In the new poll, 83 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaners said they have an unfavorable view of China, compared to 68 percent of Democrats.

Unfortunately, this discomfort and distrust of the CCP is also reflected in some manifestations of racism as shown by a recent academic study by the University of Alberta mentioned in the South China Morning Post. The study states that wherever the CCP Virus has spread in the United States, it has been followed by racist insults against Chinese Americans.

 The study found that in communities across the country, “the first local diagnosis leads to an immediate increase in racist Google searches and Twitter postings.