Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) Alejandro Mayorkas stated that the government’s highest priority is to help illegal immigrant families reunite in the United States. The Biden administration ignores Americans and legal immigrants whose jobs are severely affected by the constant flow of illegal immigration.

Mayorkas’s claim to MSNBC on March 4 came after he announced that four deported families would be allowed into the United States to live with a child or teenager they left behind. “We need … [to] develop a process where we can systemically bring them into this country safely and begin the healing process.”

“Our highest priority is to reunite these families. As we so powerfully saw, these are young people in their formative years. These are sometimes children as young as 3 years old. We are addressing the needs and vulnerabilities, not only of the children, but of course, their mothers, their fathers, the people that make up these families,” the DHS secretary added.

Critics say the Biden administration is trying to divert the focus from the crisis he created by opening the borders. It also reinstated policies extremely harmful to the country, such as the “stay in Mexico’ policy,” and “catch and release,” all of which had been overturned by former President Trump.

The job cost behind illegal immigration

Leaving aside for the moment the scourge of the trafficking of immigrant children at the border who are sold within the United States, another serious consequence of open borders is the cheap and clandestine labor that these immigrants represent for employers seeking to reduce their production costs.

According to Breitbart, Mayorkas is trying to focus public attention on the welfare of a few thousand Central American parents who brought their children to help them cross the border and get jobs in the United States.

According to Breitbart, since Biden took office, some 185,000 blue-collar workers have escaped border authorities. They could be taking U.S. jobs while many states are still recovering from the effects of the pandemic shutdown.

These laborers often are exploited as cheap labor and work “for crumbs” to send money to their families in their home country. Some pay a coyote (cartel or human trafficking member) to get the rest of their family across the border, an ordeal that costs many immigrants their lives, not to mention that many women and children are raped and sexually abused on the journey.

Mayorkas promotes illegal immigration

The DHS secretary has adopted border rules that encourage the separation of many more foreign families.

These rules allow migrants to enter the United States through the various side gates for children, teenagers, single adults, or families. As a result, there are at least 30,000 children and teenagers separated from their families who were brought to the border by coyotes.

Many illegal immigrants choose to leave their children behind when they are deported to their own country to eventually be reunited if they make it back across the border.

These children and teenagers are sent to live with family members already living illegally in the United States. With today’s technology, many of the migrants remain in contact with their abandoned children.

Joe Biden is the most divisive and anti-American president in history

A May 4 report makes it clear that the Biden administration has no problem openly declaring its intention to divide the country along racial lines further.

As part of Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is opening the application process by which owners of restaurants, bars, and other venues can apply for federal aid to help offset lost revenue because of economic shutdowns caused by the CCP Virus.

The aid, however, is being prioritized based on race, gender, and whether business owners consider themselves “socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.” For example, white males, who are not U.S. Armed Forces Veterans, will not be eligible for “priority period” funding and will be the last choice.

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