Most Olympic medals are being brought in by athletes who uphold American values instead of Woke culture followers who use the international stage to protest.

The behavior of the Woke athletes: “It’s disgusting, given that they’ve chosen to compete under the U.S. flag.  It not only comes off as the height of ingratitude, but indicates contempt for the American people as a whole, who love their flag and country,” author Monica Showalter describes in her Aug. 3 article. 

For their part, both Olympic taekwondo champion Anastasija Zolotic and Olympic surfing champion Carissa Moore celebrated winning their gold medals by sporting the U.S. flag.

In fact, most of the medals won are due to American athletes with patriotic sentiments, contrary to those who protest against their country.  

Despite the inordinate media coverage of athletes who turn their backs on their country during awards ceremonies or take insulting attitudes, most Olympic participants are proud of their country. 

In this regard, Olympic gold medalist and California gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner highlights similar facts. 

“I was the first person ever to put an American flag at the finish line. We need more of that,” Jenner noted to Fox News a couple of weeks ago. 

He added, “And I guarantee you, ninety-eight percent, ninety-nine percent of the athletes that are going over there are patriotic. But unfortunately, the media focuses on the ruins of the world. And it’s a shame. It’s an absolute shame.”

Jenner said this while criticizing Olympic hammer thrower Gwen Berry, who turned away from the American flag and covered her head with a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “Activist Athlete” during the June 27 Olympic track and field trials.

In the face of this rant by Berry, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) called for her removal from the Olympic roster.

“I don’t think it’s too much, when athletes are competing to wear the Stars and Stripes, to compete under the Stars and Stripes in the Olympics, for them to simply honor that flag and our anthem on the medal stand,” Cotton said.

He added, “If Ms. Berry is so embarrassed by America, then there’s no reason she needs to compete for our country. She should be removed from the Olympic team.”

Crenshaw, for his part, said, “The entire point of the Olympic team is to represent the United States of America. That’s the entire point, OK?”

He added: “It’s one thing when these NBA players do it [protest during the anthem]. OK, fine, we’ll just stop watching. But now, the Olympic team—and it’s multiple cases of this. They should be removed. That should be the bare minimum requirement, is that you believe in the country you’re representing.”

Despite all the distaste for Berry’s demonstration, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that the Biden administration supported Berry’s decision to protest “systemic racism” in the United States by turning his back on the American flag.