Former President Donald Trump returned to deliver an imposing speech Saturday, June 5, at the Republican Convention in North Carolina, where he insisted on the crumbling of U.S. democracy under President Joe Biden and responded to the media by defiantly declaring, “I’m the one who’s trying to save it.”

The North Carolina Republican Party state convention became the stage for a new speech by former President Donald Trump. His words marked his return to political life, which, although he had never left it aside, he now took it up again publicly, and before a large number of followers, NewsMax reported.

During his speech, Trump endorsed the North Carolina candidates for the mid-term elections and opened the possibility of his future candidacy for the presidency in 2024.

The former president was very concerned about the situation that the United States is currently experiencing under the presidency of Joe Biden. He assured that both the current administration and its accomplices, the mass media and big technologies, are undermining democracy. 

In this context, Trump demanded electoral integrity measures, including signature verification, voter identification, and regulation of Big Tech funding to electoral systems, as happened with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s millions in the last presidential election.

“We all know what happened with the election and we can never, ever allow that to happen again,” Trump said. And he followed up with a strong warning hinting that America under Biden is headed toward a dictatorship.

“We’re not going to have a country if you don’t have election integrity, and if you don’t have strong borders, our country can be run like a dictatorship, and that’s what they’d like to do,”  Trump sentenced.

But he was also optimistic that he is willing to save democratic values in a video he released before the speech, in which phrases such as “we’re going to take back the Senate, we’re going to take back the House, and we’re going to take back the White House sooner than you think.” 

Republican citizens point to him announcing his candidacy in the coming months; the latest polls show an optimistic scenario. At least 63% of the party’s voters want to see Trump as a candidate in the 2024 elections.

In his speech, he reviewed the current situation in the US. He talked about the theory of the origin of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus in a Wuhan laboratory and the connections linking Anthony Fauci to the institution of the Chinese regime. He also mentioned the chaotic border situation and the rising progressive wave. “The Biden administration put America last,” Trump asserted.

 “The survival of America depends on our ability to elect Republicans at every level…we have to get it done, we have no choice actually.” 

Trump also did not let the new White House leadership’s relationship with the Chinese communist regime slide. 

Emphasizing the Biden family for Hunter Biden’s business dealings with a company in the communist country which have not ceased, despite his father’s campaign promise that none of his family members would maintain business connections “with a foreign corporation or a foreign country.”

“Speaking of our leaders: They’re bowing down to China; America is being demeaned and humiliated on the world stage.”

The 90-minute speech left no issues out was highly critical of the current state of affairs in the U.S. and the progressive policies being implemented to address certain issues. 

But Trump also showed optimism about the future scenario and instilled confidence that the Republican Party is solid enough to face whatever it takes to regain power in the short term.

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