On Thursday, June 6, the online retail giant Amazon hosted a tech enthusiast expo in Las Vegas called reMARS featuring industry innovation and one of the richest men in America, its CEO Jeff Bezos sharing that in successful business you don’t need to be right all the time but satisfying customers is definitely the most important thing.

The Amazon CEO said, “If you want to be an entrepreneur, the most important thing is to be customer obsessed. So don’t satisfy your customers. Figure out how to absolutely delight them. That is the number one thing, whoever your customers are. “

Bezos recommended having the passion of a missionary for the business you choose as you will be competing with passionate mercenaries making money with products and services but a missionary wins in the end by making more money with better products and services.


Bezos said, “You have got to have some passion for the arena that you’re going to develop and work in. Otherwise you’re going to be competing against people who do have passion for that and they’re going to build better products and services. You can’t be a mercenary. You have to be a missionary. Missionaries build better products and services. They always win. The mercenaries are just trying to make money. Paradoxically the missionaries always end up making more money. You have to pick something that you actually have a passion for.”

Amazon’s re:MARS conference, which stands for machine learning, automation, robotics, and space technologies, wraps up Friday in Las Vegas. Expo participant, Martin Garner of CCS Insight expressed optimism regarding Amazon, and how with artificial intelligence (AI) everyone has better tools to solve more difficult problems on big projects, and that we are all in a better place than ever before.

Martin Garner, senior vice president of CCS Insight said, “Jeff Bezos, he really underlined that Amazon is now so that whatever it takes on as a kind of next development, that has to be huge. Otherwise it’s not going to move the needle from Amazon’s business point of view. The other thing that came out for me was that with AI, we now have some much better tools for tackling some of the really intractable problems we’ve never been able to take on before. So while the projects need to be big and on an enormous scale, actually we’re better placed to do them than ever before.”

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