Jeff Bezos, founding entrepreneur of Amazon, is once again at the center of criticism for a new act of censorship on his virtual platform. This time it’s about the ban on sale of the book “China Virus: How Justin Trudeau’s Pro-Communist Ideology Is Putting Canadians in Danger,” the book’s author is Ezra Levant, founder of the medium Rebel News.

Levant defended himself from censorship by saying that it is simply a book about the discussion of Canada-Chinese communist Party (CCP) politics, expressing criticism of Canada’s response to the crisis caused by the CCP Virus.

According to WND, the explanation Amazon gave for the ban was that because the information in the book did not match the government’s official narrative on the pandemic, it decided to refer its clients to “official sources” of information on the subject.

For the first two months after the book’s launch, Amazon refused to include it on its platform. However, the technology giant eventually relented, resulting in massive sales and a rapid rise to Amazon’s best-seller list.

Mysteriously and without explanation, Amazon, once again removed the book from its virtual library. Its author, Ezra Levant, wrote in Rebel News, “And now it’s been deleted. It’s China-style censorship. So we’ve done something that I know will drive the Chinese Communists and Justin Trudeau crazy: We’re literally giving away the e-book version of “China Virus” right now, for any amount, on our website.” 

As you can see on his page, he accepts donations and suggests a retail price of $7.50, which is the price he had on Amazon. However, there are no restrictions on downloading it for less or even for nothing.

Interestingly, the fact that Amazon removed the book from its list of titles, without giving valid explanations, is a Chinese-style censorship, and exactly the kind of thing that the book itself highlights as a basic feature of the Chinese Communist Party.

Already many argue that Bezos is actively trying to ingratiate himself with the CCP in order to gain access to the huge untapped market in china. Some of this seems to require censorship of all content critical of the CCP, including the role it played in triggering the virus.

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