Critics point to the recent endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden by the NY Times for the November election, even though the newspaper frequently criticized him during the Democratic primary. 

The NY Times editorial was heavily criticized from various quarters for its contradictions and opportunism. After giving its support to Senators Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts during the Democratic primaries, to the detriment of Joe Biden, it now published an extensive opinion piece giving its support and motivating its readers to vote for him in the November elections.

“Mr. Biden has the experience, temperament, and character to guide the nation through this valley into a brighter, more hopeful future. He has our endorsement for the presidency,”  the NY Times reported. 

Fox News compiled some comments from well-known media people who even mocked the NY Times’ change in position.

“After rejecting him in the primary (he didn’t make it to the final four), the NYT is backing Biden in the general, astounding the nation,” reacted Politico reporter Alex Thompson. “The NYT 9 months ago: this guy is meh. NYT now: total Biden fan … reflects the evolution that many left-wing Democrats have gone through in recent months while convincing themselves of Biden.”

“I’m shocked, shocked, I tell you,” CBS News correspondent Kathryn Watson jokingly tweeted.

“Game changer,” Jewish Insider reporter Jacob Kornbluh joked similarly.

Cook Political Report editor Dave Wasserman said the Times is so far removed from the people that it mistakenly thinks it can still indicate who its readers should vote for and that this will bring about a real change in the way the votes are cast. The Times’ support for Biden will have no effect on the electorate, he said via Twitter.

“Imagine being so out of touch that you think this serves any purpose.” Wasserman reacted. “During non-pandemic times, I travel to 30+ states a year speaking to a variety of people/groups. The one criticism of the media I hear over and over again—and from all corners—is that they’re totally sick of media institutions taking sides & telling them who to vote for.”

It is obvious that what the NY Times ultimately advocates is the coming of the left, no matter who the president is. The newspaper and the left, in general, are aware that with President Trump back in government, socialist ideologies will be further weakened. While it has been shown that Biden is not the one for the Times, at least he is the one who represents the policies of his interest and who represents the party that can stand up to Trump. 

The Times is totally committed to the left, to communism and even to the Chinese Communist Party. Last week it published an extensive article written by the legislator of the Chinese Executive Council, Lam Yik Fei, in which he manifested himself in favor of the CCP and the sovereignty of the regime over the autonomous city. “Hong Kong is part of China whether Westerners like it or not,” Fei said on behalf of the NY Times.

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