Prosecutors closed arguments Friday in their case against Ghislaine Maxwell after Annie Farmer, the fourth accuser, took the stand, saying she had been molested by the British socialite and Epstein when she was 16.  

According to the Associated Press (AP), Annie Farmer, the first accuser in the case to use her real name, testified that the abuse began in the 1990s when she met the couple through her sister Maria, who was an employee at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion.

As Annie recounted, Maria met the pedophile at a show. He offered to help her with her artistic aspirations and eventually hired her to buy artwork for him. 

In 1996, during a trip to New York City to see her sister, her sister took her to the mansion, and it was there that she met him. Annie gave a similar narrative to the other defendants on the stand in recounting how both Maxwell and Epstein were initially interested in supporting them in their education and careers before steering them toward sexual relationships. 

While she initially thought they were nice people, during a movie outing with Epstein, he was groping her leg throughout the film. “I felt sick to my stomach,” Annie stated. “It was not something I was expecting at all.”

The event was repeated later in New Mexico, where she agreed to travel at Epstein’s invitation, although she said, “after what happened in the movie theater, I didn’t want to be alone with him.” When they went to see another movie but this time accompanied by Maxwell, the pedophile blatantly repeated his groping without any pretext at discretion.  

Even when they returned to the house, Maxwell continued the abuse when she insisted on giving the young woman a massage and ended up rubbing her breasts. “It didn’t make sense to me that would happen,” she said. “I so badly wanted to get off the table and have the massage be done.”

Prosecutors also called Annie Farmer’s ex-boyfriend and her mother to testify. 

The ex-boyfriend, David James Mulligan, testified that Annie told him about the abuse during the massage and that she felt “fearful and awkward and helpless” about the event.

Meanwhile, Farmer’s mother, Janice Swain, testified that Epstein told her that 20 to 25 more students would be traveling with her daughter to New Mexico. Swain said that when Annie returned from the trip, she was “quiet and withdrawn,” but had not wanted to talk about what had happened. 

The main accusation against Maxwell is carrying out the psychological preparation of minors and later perpetrating the abuse. The socialite created a relaxed and jovial atmosphere that became increasingly sexual. She arranged for young girls to meet with the pedophile and even participated in the sexual abuse.

The defense is expected to begin its presentation next week. As indicated by the court, the trial will resume on Thursday with the presentation of the defense, which if they last only 1 or 2 days, the closing arguments could be for Dec. 20.

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