The microblogging platform, Parler, has announced a change of its domain registration to the domain and hosting services company Epik after being disconnected from Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Monday morning.

Web domain search results now indicate that Parler has changed its domain name registry to be hosted by Epik, a company that hosts other sites such as Gab, according to National File.

Epik’s vice president, Robert Davis, had earlier announced in a statement that no conversations or contact had yet been established with Parler. However, he defended the company from the attack of large technology companies, criticizing the censorship to which it has been exposed.

“The notion that Big Tech has pushed for centralized control over all future narratives is very real,” the statement said.

“The danger to humanity is the looming prospect of an unthinkable abuse of both power and financial privilege that places control into the hands of a small number of individuals that routinely demonstrate they are unworthy. The old adage is that absolute power corrupts absolutely,” it added.

The decision to change Parler’s domain comes after AWS suspended its contract with the company because the platform was promoting violence in connection with the events that occurred last week on Capitol Hill.

In that sense, Amazon joined the efforts of large technology companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple, and, more recently, Youtube to condemn President Trump and anyone who questions the election results of the past 2020 elections.

For his part, the executive director of Parler, John Matze, sued AWS for breach of contract and antitrust law, calling the motivations behind Amazon’s decision “political expediency.”

“AWS is committing intentional interference with prospective economic advantage given the millions of users expected to sign up in the near future,” said Matze, about the platform that until last Friday registered 21,000 downloads.

Matze pointed out that platforms such as Twitter allow all types of violent content without imposing any sanctions or censorship.

“We see all sorts of nasty, threatening content on Twitter, much more of it actually, in our opinion, and, actually, a lot of content that’s deleted from Parler still remains on Twitter to this day in the form of screenshots.”

The Parler CEO emphasized that Big Tech is applying a double standard, discriminating against Parler and giving preferential treatment to others.

During last year’s riots by leftist activist groups like Black Lives Matter in several U.S. states, different Democratic politicians did not disguise their support for the violent demonstrations without any consequences from the big technology companies.

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