Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is begging for help from the federal government to combat crime and violence after she pushed for police defunding in the city in 2020. 

On Monday, during a press conference, the Democrat asked U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to send agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to Chicago to combat the dramatic increase in violence in the city, and the growing number of illegal guns, according to Fox32 Chicago.

In addition, she called for more federal prosecutors to be sent to the city to handle new criminal cases and additional federal marshals to Chicago to help local law enforcement track down thousands of people with outstanding warrants.

“We need these additional resources well in advance of summer,” Lightfoot said.

Murder levels are up 5%, from 749 to 783, while the number of shooting victims rose so far this year to 4,270, up from 3,930 a year ago at the same time, according to official Chicago police data. 

So it is that the progressive mayor reversed the commitment she had made last year, to allocate several million of the budget that corresponded to the city’s security forces to social expenses, and tried to reassure her citizens in a speech of about 40 minutes delivered at Garfield Park Gold Dome Fieldhouse.

“Keeping you safe is my priority—not one of, but the first and primary priority,” Lightfoot said. “I wake every morning with this as my first concern, and I push myself and all involved to step up and do more and better because we cannot continue to endure the level of violence that we are now experiencing.”

“Right now, today, there are simply too many violent people walking our streets and wreaking havoc in our neighborhoods,” Lightfoot said in his speech Monday, according to N.Y. Post.

She added: “I know that people are scared and emotions…on public safety, and specifically gun violence, including carjackings, are running high.”

The mayor also criticized the Cook County court system for violent offenders being allowed out on electronic monitoring.

Lightfoot said the practice is a ‘slap in the face’ to victims of criminals and said that in many cases, offenders are released with “virtually no supervision.”

As reported by Fox News, former President Donald Trump last June sent 100 federal agents to mitigate the unrest as part of what was dubbed Operation Legend, which led to the number of homicides in Chicago dropping by 50%, then-Attorney General William Barr stated two months later.

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