The U.S. economy added 164,000 jobs in July, providing more opportunities for younger African Americans.

The African American unemployment rate remained at 6.0 percent in July, just above the historic low of 5.9 percent set in May 2018 and African American youth unemployment rate plumped to its lowest rate since the series began in 1972.

The most recent data from the Department of Labor showed a total of 762,000 young African Americans had jobs in July and the labor force participation rate increased to 38.8, up from 36.3 a year ago.

“African American youth unemployment just hit its lowest level EVER. Under Obama, unemployment levels hit near record highs and hovered around 30% for black youth,” Charlie Kirk, founder and president of Turning point USA wrote in a tweet.

“Now, the racial gap in unemployment is at a record low 6.3%. The Trump economy is working for EVERYBODY!” he added.

President Trump cited from the Wall Street Journal on July 11: ““Nearly one million more blacks and two million more Hispanics are employed than when Barrack Obama left office, and minorities account for more than half of all new jobs created during the Trump Presidency. Unemployment among black women has hovered near 5% for the last six months, the lowest since 1972.” The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, A Tale of Two Economies.”