Pennsylvania citizen Terrel Philips recalled the situation when he found a baby girl with the umbilical cord still attached, wrapped in a blanket outside a home in Upper Darby, just outside of Philadelphia.

“I came among and saw a white towel in here,” Phillips told ABC News

Phillips was astonished after finding out inside the white blanket was a newborn baby girl, who was roughly just 6-hour-old. 

“When I pick it up I saw the baby was still with the umbilical cord,” he said. 

Phillips said his neighbor was walking up the street to help. They both had no idea where the baby came from. 

It was 93 degrees outside so Phillps immediately called the police. The baby was brought to the hospital where she is now in satisfactory condition.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Mike Chitwood told ABC News they didn’t know who left the baby or where she was born but he wanted any new mother to know there are better options than leaving a baby at a random home. 

Chitwood also stressed that the local Safe Haven law, called The Newborn Protection Act, says a child under 28 days old can be left at a hospital, police station or fire station.

“As long as the baby is not harmed there is no criminal liability attached to it,” Chitwood said.

On its Twitter, the department called for help to find the baby’s mother. 

While authorities are seeking the baby’s mother, Chitwood said the department has received about 30 to 40 calls from people looking for information on how to adopt the little girl.

Tipsters can call 610-734-7693 or email [email protected]

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