Darrell Issa retired from Congress two years ago, but after mounting a comeback and winning the Republican seat in California’s 50th District, the former thorn in the side of former President Obama has compared President Trump to Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.

“I believe that Donald Trump has added to the Republican Party just as Lincoln did and Reagan did and Goldwater did,” Darrell Issa said on “Fox News Saturday.” “These are lasting, people still mark each of those historical figures in a very special way. And so I think when you take the party of Reagan, and then you add Lincoln, then you add Trump you get our party.”

After nine terms in Congress, Issa retired in 2016 from the 49th District as it became increasingly Democratic. At one time, he was in charge of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and launched several investigations into the Obama administration.

Issa is in support of President Trump’s push to investigate the massive voter fraud that covers most of America.

He tweeted: “President Trump — I stand with you, just as you have stood with me from 2016 until today. The fact that poll watchers are not being allowed to adequately supervise certain recounts is completely unacceptable. This is America. Election integrity comes first.”


Issa has seriously questioned whether fellow Californian Sen. Kamala Harris can work effectively with Congress as vice president. He claims Harris has no record of bipartisanship and is not equipped to be a liaison on Capitol Hill. “She has no track record of effective legislation,” Issa told Fox News during new member congressional orientation. “I don’t see her as being a bridge. President Biden will have to be his own bridge. I don’t see the vice president as having those skills or desire. I think she’s running for president within his doors from day one. It’d be nice to be wrong, but I don’t think so.”

In 2019, a year where Harris launched her own short-lived presidential bid, she was rated the most politically left of all senators, according to a scorecard by GovTrack. The report showed that Harris had the lowest rate of all Democrats at 15% of joining onto bipartisan bills.

“She didn’t work with anyone when she got here,” said Issa, who pointed out his working relationship with Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) as a contrast. “Name a bipartisan bill she did with a Republican,” as reported by Fox News.

Meanwhile, President Trump is fighting for justice in an election that is full of fraud and in the process is exposing years of corruption. America will be better off after the cleansing, and the president is doing a great service by not conceding the election, without him these incompetencies would have remained covered up. All Americans should be grateful to him.

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