People are beginning to step out of their comfort zones and look at ways to make a difference during these trying times. Businesses, individuals, as well as performers, are responding to the CCP Virus spread by helping those in need.

Some grocery chains across America have begun to implement what’s being called “elderly hours,” allowing our aged citizens to shop without the stress of crowded aisles and lengthy waits at the checkout. These older folk are more vulnerable to succumb to the CCP Virus, so having space around them is vital for their well-being. Many stores are opening early mornings for one or two hours, exclusively for the older generation to buy their items.

USA Today reported Dollar General, with stores across 44 states is encouraging the elderly to “visit our stores later in the morning to allow at-risk populations the ability to purchase the items they need at affordable prices.”

A number of restaurants in Washington D.C. have stepped up and are providing meals to the elderly in quarantine.

Mark Bucher, steakhouse owner at Medium Rare in Maryland, tweeted anyone older than 70 needing a meal to contact him at “If you’re over 70 and you know someone quarantined or self-quarantined, I am going to get them dinner,” Bucher tweeted. “Period.”

Times of crisis bring out the best and worst in people. My friend & fraternity brother Mark Bucher, owner of @MediumRareDC has taken it upon himself to make sure those 70 and older who are in quarantine have a hot meal. Well done. #CronaVirus

It wasn’t long before people began volunteering to deliver the meals, and they have been able to deliver hundreds of meals every afternoon to those in need.

Grocery chain Vallarta shared on social media, “Effective Wednesday, March 18th, 2020, all Vallarta Supermarket locations will be open from 7-8 am for those 65+ years old, pregnant women, and those with disabilities. Please share with our community members that this will help.”

One distillery in Pennsylvania stopped production, and helped out by producing twenty bottles of high-proof alcohol-based disinfectant for charitable groups that had no access to sanitizers, to help keep them safe from infection by the CCP Virus (Wuhan coronavirus), reported AAP. The Eight Oaks Farm Distillery, brewery founder Chad Butters shared, “We are in a national emergency,” adding, “What’s the right thing to do? The right thing to do is support this community by providing something that is in desperate need. We’ll flood the valley with hand sanitizer and drive that price right down.”

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced, “New York state will open Drive-Thru #Coronavirus Testing Facilities in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Staten Island, and Rockland County. We are opening the Nassau facility today.”

Forbes magazine reported that LVMH, the perfume company that manufactures famous brands like Givenchy and Christian Dior, is converting its plant to be able to produce hand sanitizer instead.

Amazon is hiring 100,000 new employees to cope with the increased demand for online shopping and delivery, keeping waiting times down for consumers.

The entertainment company, HBO has offered free streaming episodes amid the CCP Virus. “So, I really want to give everyone my HBO login but I can’t. Will you accept a bunch of free episodes?”


Not to be left out in the kindness stakes, performers like Chris Martin, John Legend, Pink, and others have begun offering live stream concerts from home on social media due to the virus and all the canceled concerts.

People’s kind hearts are coming to the fore, and it is encouraging us all to look out for others when we can.

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